Server News

Open Beta

by Aureus_Lunae

We have been hard at work on getting the server up and running. While we are still not done, we at least got the server fully functional. Due to this, we have decided to open the server for players, an open beta. During this time, we hope you will report all bugs you find. And no, the general store having worse prices than other stores is not a bug.


Note: Those with a rank, contact me or one of the other devs or headadmins and we will set the rank for you, after you've logged in once.


  • Towny has been enabled
  • Magic has been added to the server. Choose one of the 4 classes. Every class has at least 1 attack spell.
Arcanist: Can teleport, reflect, and use counterspell. Combat orientated with a teleport.
Elementalist: Harnesses the 4 elements. Each element has 1 offensive and 1 utility spell. Starts with a fireball and water prison.
Magnus: Dark mage who is skilled in hindering enemies. Debuffs, manadrain and lifestealing abilities. 
Priest: A support class. Focuss on healing and buffing. Good for PvE or keeping others alive.
  • -Griefprevention is still active, but players can't gain claimblocks under any circumstances. You might get messages still. We plan to use this for some server buildings.
  • -Elevators: Disabled for now
  • -Buyshop: Can't spend money to get ranks right now.


Virtual Chests, anvils, and such are not working and can crash the server

Temp server up and running

by Aureus_Lunae

We have now the temp server up and running as it should be. You can now join, and Vet+ should be able to have WE. If you do not have it, immediately notify me or Eagler and we will set you to the right group.

In addition, while you can build for the server, we have decided that once the main server gets up, you can also choose to get your building transported to the main server. This building is your property then, and will not count for getting a bonus for making buildings for a new town in the server.

There will be limits on transportation however. We will under no circumstances transport chests, diamonds or gold. If that is used in your building, you need to gather those materials once more.

Even if you make a building for the server, and it won't get used, you will get a reward for spending time on it

Server update 2019

by Aureus_Lunae

It has been a long time since the last update. We have told you that we were were working on the server since it finally got up again. Sadly, shortly after at announcement, I myself have started a bootcamp for a new job, and Pearls had to deal with personal issues. Other people were working on delivering the update, but soon found themselves also busy with their own job. This has left the sole person who could still work on it demotivated.

Now, that bootcamp is over, and a new site has been made. The other staff members also are getting some more time. But with a new minecraft update, we have to be looking in the direction of going instantly to the latest version, or get the old one up. That decision has been made recently, but getting the standard server up cost some time.

So we have a proposal for you players. While we are working on the server, we are willing to open a temporary world for you to play in. Nothing in this world stays, except maybe some building. This also comes with a contest.

We are going to ask you to help us build a new place. Not a new spawn, we already have a good one. No, we will ask you to build buildings in the medieval style while we are working on the real server.

What these buildings will be used for?

These buildings will be used for a new city we will create in the world. It is yet unknown if it will be purely decoration, a trade city or something else.

You do not have to work on the buildings. You can also use it to explore and try out new things. But remember, we will be enforcing the rules.

The temp server should be up in the coming week if all goes right.